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Top 20 credit union, Which Are They?

As credit unions expand their assets and activities, there are few U.S. unions credit represents hundreds of millions of dollars in 2009. In the total assets of the top 100 credit unions represent $ 825 million to 90 million members. Credit unions have become very important and major forces of the economic situation and the landscape of the U.S.. Until recently, most members were looking at credit unions for auto loans and small personal loans. Today, these cooperatives are able to meet more needs and expectations, being able to offer mortgages, debt consolidation, refinancing, credit cards, and a wide range of services.

The twenty credit unions in the United States on the basis of its assets are:

1. Navy Federal Credit Union
Merrifield, VA. $ 36.4 billion in assets.

2. State Employees Credit Union
Raleigh, North Carolina. $ 16.7 billion in assets. (more…)


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