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There are more than thousand of hosting provider available in the market and if you start a thread in any webmaster forum saying “I am looking for a hosting” you would find numerous responses to your thread, each one offering their own services. So how would determine which hosting is the best for you and who are the top hosting provider? Each of the hosting claims that they are the best, top in the business and its really hard to determine whether what they say are actually truth or not.

If you are on the lookout for right web hosting and right hosting provider which is at the top of all hosts, below are the top hosting provider category accordingly to your needs

• Best hosting for individuals
• Business Hosting
• Dedicated Hosting

Those were the three major classification of hosting and the overall price depends on what kind hosting you need and for what purpose you need it. Just go through the corresponding hosting your needs and compare different providers and plans.

Hosting for Individuals
If you are looking for a cheap hosting for a personal or small business websites then you might would like to go for a cheap host as the source available for you would be limited and you wouldn’t that much business online. This kind of hosting is choosen because of
• Affordable web hosting
• Plenty of diskspace
• Limited Bandwidth
• Reliable Customer Service

Hosting for Business
This kind of hosting are choosen and are mostly preferred by those who are serious about their online business and they wanted to secure hosting. The advantages of such hosting are

• Secure and qualitative
• Customizable hosting
• Upgrade Option
• Strong hosting at a reasonable price


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